Our services A-Z


  • Showcase businesses A-Z.
  • Showcase services A-Z.
  • Create branded email addresses.
  • Create cost effective business websites for business owners. 
  • Create Paarl247 email address to those unable to afford a .co.za
  • Cost effective email address for citizens/ residents / business owners. Example: NameSurname@Paarl247.co.za at R30 p/m
  • Create Paarl247 website page to those unable to afford a .co.za web domain.
  • Showcase services and products.
  • Showcase specials via a dedicated specials web page.
  • Supply a unique CMS Content Management System to update your own website.
  • Supply a unique Control Panel to access your email and web domain to makes changes.
  • Supply citizens/ residents with a cost effective email address.
  • Example: NameSurname@Paarl247.co.za at R30 p/m.
  • Various community news communicated such as sports news, emergency contact numbers, festivals/ events/ shows, careers, bursaries, residential garage sales, facebook news, twitters news and governmental news to citizen/ residents. 


Team Paarl247